Participant Testimonials

  1. Love these conferences- to be able to share information and experiences with other trackers and I always learn new things.
    Hilary Filios
  2. Tracking is life. So great to get together with others to continue the inspiration and learning.
  3. Always a great day! Learning, thinking, connecting- good for the tracking soul.
    Paula Coughlin
  4. I appreciate the chance to be with my tribe of folks who have a passion for tracking. Thank you for making this possible!
    Michael Burkout
  5. Inspiring speakers and great organization. Thank you!
  6. As a first time attendant, I was very happy with the offerings and particularly liked the Sunday field session to apply some of what I had learned the day before, not to mention the fact that Sunday was one of the most amazing days of tracking out in the field for me. It was also so satisfying to be amongst so many wonderful people with similar interests.
    Kathy Walker
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